Portable Non-powered Sirens

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  Hand Operated Sirens
These unique sirens feature a hand operation which makes it ideal for use where there is no power or the power is likely to be out. They are portable, which makes them ideal for use where the alarm needs to raised near the point of concern.

LK120 Hand Operted Alert Siren

LK120Hand Wound Siren

The traditional sound of the "wailing siren" in a large unit. Claimed by manufacturer to generate 120dB@1m this stand mounted unit (waist high) could be used on in a wide range of applications where the unit itself can be centrally located. It is portable and weighs around 11Kg. the stand is provided. Volume is adjustable by rotating the baffle via a centrally located screw.

LK100 Plastic Hound Wound Siren

LK100 and LK100P Hand Wound Sirens

A higher pitched but otherwise very similar sound to the LK120 these hand held units offer between 100-110dB@1m which is a reasonable sound level for a school classroom, kindergarten or small office/home etc. The sound pitch rises as the handle is turned faster and drops as the speed of the rotor slows. Volume can be controlled by a finger operated lever.

The LK100 is an all metal construction (except handle) whereas the LK100P is moulded plastic except the rotor. The plastic and metal versions sound identical but the plastic is half the price with a corresponding reduction in expected overall useful life.


Hand held megaphone.
The A 1982 alert/evac megaphone operates in the same way as a standard megaphone, and is also fitted with an alert/evac tone generator which allows the broadcast of AS222O alert and evacuation tones.