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Electronic Sirens and Sounders
Multiple tone (selectable) electronic sirens with general applications. Will last for many years Rating IP55 to IP65. Various Voltages. No servicing is required,

This now includes the 4100E which replaces the old RVB4100 Electromechanical Hooter

MS22 1ph 240Vac Motorised Warning SirenElectric motorized motorised siren LK-M26320-006 Twin Air Operated air horn whistle3Ph Electric motorised siren JDW400Air Raid Style Hand Operated Warning Siren, Evacuation Siren, Fire Alert Siren, Wide Area Siren Wider Area Evacuation and Emergency Warning Devices
This section includes warning devices from other sections but groups sirens with a high level of sound output for larger areas or longer distances. Click on the picture to find the correct web page.
electric siren JDW400

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Motorised Sirens
A wide range of motorised siren with a variety of sound outputs from a moderate 106dB@1m to a loud 125db@1m. Motorised sirens can be controlled to give the traditional wailing siren sound.

6320-006 Twin Air Operated air horn whistle  Industrial Air Horn, Air operated signal, Whistle

Seires 900 Hornet Air Operated Horn 140 dB Whistle

Air Horns/Whistles
The only Australian made Train Whistles and Air Horns. Made for normal and hazardous environments these air horns are being used on interstate and metropolitan trains and locomotives including track inspection. From freight loading terminals to Petrochemical plants to boats and ships, the potential applications for this highly resilient range of air horns are endless. With 125-140dB models available these horns are the loudest thing available at a modest price. No parts to go wrong and simple maintenance. Units in excess of 40 years old are still going strong.

New 900 Series "Hornet" Air Horn.
Developed to overcome potential problems in rail applications with build up of dust and dirt this 140dB siren is now available. Call us for more details.

      Air Raid Style Hand Operated Warning Siren, Evacuation Siren, Fire Alert Siren, Wide Area Siren

Hand Held/Operated
Here you will find other noise making devices such as hand operated sirens/air horns, floor mounted "air raid" style sirens and megaphone style hand held units.